Blake Burch

Digital Data Strategy

I’m a pioneer in data strategy and digital marketing, passionate about helping teams automate and act on their data. I’m currently the co-founder of Shipyard, a workflow automation platform that helps Data Teams launch, monitor, and scale their solutions without worrying about infrastructure.No matter the size or the industry, I’ve found that every brand is struggling to drive strategic action and results from their data. As a self-taught technologist, it’s always been my mission to build streamlined workflows and intelligent systems that help companies discover how they can use their overload of data in smarter ways to drive growth year after year. My goal is to change the way organizations think about using their data and automating their work.Previously, I was the Head of Data Services at PMG, directing the agency’s roadmap and strategy for the Data Engineering, Data Activation, and Data Innovation teams. Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and shape the digital strategies of huge brands like GAP Inc., Sephora, Abercrombie & Fitch, H-E-B Grocery, OpenTable, Travelocity, and Cirque Du Soleil.In my free time, I geek out about tech, esports, & board games. If you’re interested in working together, or just chatting about big ideas, let’s get in touch!

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